Find A Handyman

We have all tried to find a handyman to fix our homes. You struggle with finding a honest and fair handyman to handle those repairs, this is the hard part. A handyman does not have to be a person who lacks knowledge and or insurance. Years back a handyman was generally an older man who just had experience in many areas of house repair from his own personal experience. Now days you have highly skilled handyman/contractors that can cover from your smallest to largest projects, that is if your lucky enough to find this type of company.

The new breed of handyman company is coming about out of need. Many people are now staying in their homes so they need them fixed or repaired. The down side of all this is the popping up of all the screening services and handyman franchises that charge an arm and a leg to cover their high over heads and and advertising. You see these large franchise companies just let anyone buy in as long as they have the money to buy their franchise. You often don’t get a true skilled handyman/contractor. You get a person who was hired by the new franchise owner/operator. So, you get the under skilled and possible under paid laborer of the handyman franchise owner. Best Handyman Oxford

They will typically have many ads and fancy trucks and great looking color matching uniforms for their under paid help. This will get them noticed/seen so many will hire them just due to their huge advertising budgets, not high quality work and reasonable pricing. So, you say, yeah your right. What do I do, to find what I think is a good handyman/contractor? I just don’t want people getting sucked into the “all that glitters is not gold” problem. People think just because a company has big fancy ads and highly decal-ed trucks, they have to be good. Many people fall for this everyday.

How to find a good handyman is not that hard, just see beyond all the glitter. A good handyman/contractor can be found from friends and family. Ask others who they have used and don’t be afraid to ask what kind of jobs these other handyman did and for how much. Did they show up on time? Did they finish in a reasonable time? Where did they find them? These questions will be very helpful to you. When people give a response of “ok or they did the job” in short or brief answers odds are they were not that pleased. Some people even get upset because they had such a bad experience with a handyman/contractor they will not say much about it at all.

Look for handyman/contractors with good word or mouth advertising. The small handyman companies will typically have nice small adds in business directories in some major papers and even your small community newspaper. The ads that are big and have pictures costs the company a lot of money, guess who really pays for that ad, you! It may have got your attention, but you will pay more. A short and to the point ad will be where you want to look. Then just call a few and see if they can help you with your needs. If you are lucky enough to find a good small handyman company where the owner still answers the phone, you know that you are on the right track.

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