Save Money On Food Shopping

1) Only buy what you need

Always take a list of items that you actually need, and stick to it! 먹튀사이트

Don’t shop for food on an empty stomach. You’ll be more tempted to buy items that you don’t really need.

2) Discounts

Buy in bulk to take advantage of any discounts offered. Don’t miss out on the special offers (e.g. 3 for 2) on items that you regularly purchase. If they’re non-perishable goods consider buying enough for a few months, then restock the next time they’re offered at a discount price.

If you generally use the same supermarket to buy food and refill your car, make sure that you get a store loyalty card. The bonus points may not seem much at the time (perhaps only 1 or 2%), but over the course of a year they will mount up. At the end of every year they may be enough to cover your entire shopping bill for a week.

Go shopping just before closing time. Many stores may have to discount perishable goods by more than 50% just to get rid of them rather than throw them away when the shop shuts. This opportunity is slowly disappearing these days as more and more supermarkets remain open 24 hours.

As always, shop around. Take advantage of the competition between supermarkets, price wars and special offers. Finally, consider getting a trade card for a cash and carry store.

3) Shop online

Consider using supermarkets that offer online shopping. You make your selections on their website, pay by credit card and choose when you want it to be delivered to your door. A small delivery charge is usually added, but there are other benefits;

Number one: The price of online groceries is generally very competitive, especially if you take advantage of the online discount vouchers that you receive.

Number two: The delivery charge may cost extra, but if you need to buy a full weekly shopping, how long would it take you to go to the shop, look for what you need, take it to the checkout, pay for it and bring it home? How much fuel would you use? How much wear and tear would it cause to your car? How much stress would it add to your life? And if you still grudge the delivery cost, why not arrange to work an hour longer during the time that you’d otherwise have to spend hauling yourself around the supermarket?

4) Watch the till

When the assistant is scanning your goods, keep a close watch on the prices that show up on the till. Items that are held over the scanner for too long can register twice. Also, buy-one-get-one-free offers don’t always register the second item as being free. Over the course of a year, these little mistakes can easily add up.

Part-time or temporary staff are the most likely to make mistakes, especially when the store is busy. For this reason it’s best to avoid the weekends for shopping. Don’t let the need to pack your bags distract you from watching the till register. Finally, check the till receipt before you leave the store, just in case!

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